14720348_10207749399109201_8314953453927683048_nTo be human is to create.

I try to live by my personal conviction of giving more than I take, creating more than I consume. Striving to live an examined life of intentionality, I read extensively, books and articles that challenge and better me. I write, I sing, I dance, I paint, I play guitar, none with aspiration or technical skill, but all with passion and the conviction that my connection to humanity depends on it. I would be remised if my love of creating was not made apparent. And so I devote this page to sharing the books that guide me and the art that inspires me.


artistswayThe Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

“I have come to believe that creativity is our true nature, that blocks are an unnatural thwarting of a process at once as normal and as miraculous as the blossoming of a flower at the end of a slender green stem.”

Cameron leads the reader on a journey through creativity. A path where daily writing is a spiritual exercise and creativity becomes as natural as blood flow. Read to unleash the creator in you.

insightbookInsight by Tasha Eurich

“By committing to learning the truth about yourself, you are well on your way to becoming braver but better. And the rewards are many; research repeatedly shows that people who put forth a committed effort to improve their self-awareness make smarter choices, build better relationships, and live happier, more successful lives.”

Eurich not only makes a compelling case as to why we should all strive to be more self-aware, internally and externally, but she also delivers practical tools on how to increase awareness. The action steps she offers are accessible yet challenging, in just the right way.

3d-Steal-Like-an-Artist-NYTSteal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

“If you ever find that you’re the most talented person in the room, you need to find another room.”

Kleon is at once hilarious, timely, and honest. This book is an entertaining reminder that creativity is born from our environment. I also receive his weekly newsletters that are filled with his current reads and watches, it’s a great place to start if you you’re at a loss for inspiration. https://austinkleon.com/newsletter/